Point and Click Adventure 

Kree was once the world’s greatest treasure hunter. Now, after a deal gone wrong, she’s the world’s greatest treasure/hunter. Otherwise known as a Mimic. She must devour unsuspecting victims that try to steal the tasty treasures she’s collected. To free herself from this monstrous form, she must master her mimic powers and collect the souls of the adventurers that were able to outwit the Trickster God that cursed her.
This prototype was made by the development team Scroll Keepers.

Scroll Keeper's Team Members:
Alexander Cowell - Game Designer, Level Designer, Game Documentation
Joseph Ignoffo - Game Designer, Level Designer
Meredith Baldwin - 2D Artist
Andrew Noetzel -  Game Designer, 2D Artist,
Rafael Lameter - UX
Scott Duman - Programmer 
Ryan​​​​​​​ Kopp - Programmer​​​​​​
Kree's Prologue 
Danny's Chapter
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